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    Is the following laminate sequences (for 14m coastguard boat) 100% correct or there is a better laminate schedule ?

    -Gray gelcoat.
    -CSM 300 (one layer).
    -BXA glass 600/100 (2 layers).
    -U.D glass 600/100 (one layer)
    -Foam 25mm (core-cell)
    -U.D glass 600/100 (2 layer).

    hull side:
    -CSM 300(one layer)
    -BXA glass 600/100 (2 layers)
    -U.D glass 600/100 (one layer

    Another question:
    I know that AutoCad is the most common design software used for marine industry, but is it the best or there are other software which are better than AutoCad? Example Pro-E or Solidworks.
    Is Pro-E suitable for marine design.
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