KTM CX design study

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Chris Ostlind, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. messabout
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    messabout Senior Member

    Moggy you need not be pissy. We are all friends here. Vitriol is not our strong suit but be assured that we are all capable. . Now back to the original subject......

    The Icelanders are nuts but it looks like they are having a helluva good time. The Aussies are famously nuts for reckless adventure and the Americans are not far behind in reckless lunacy.

    An old but efficacious joke about jet skiers goes like this: Q; Whats the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a jet skier. A. The dirt bag is on the inside of the vacuum cleaner. .....hey it's just a joke, don't get upset.

    The KTM thingy almost qualifies for a Darwin award.
  2. Moggy
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    Moggy Senior Member

    He was being a dick.

    Friends? Like Chris and Doug you mean? :D

    Its the cold and booze I reckon :)

    Frankly the thought of these things terrifies me. I'd vote for a short jetski rider hunting season with a big bag limit! The mob around here are just plain dangerous most of the time and inconsiderate all of the time.
  3. canadaiam
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    canadaiam New Member

    Watch your mouth, moody

    If you took the time to view the date on the post previous to mine,you would have noticed that my statement was the first comment in a few years. Yes, the comment was directed directly at me.

    You are, quite obviously, The Dick.
  4. Moggy
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    Moggy Senior Member


    which was my post.

    not really, my comment to which you responded, referencing me a "junior" (the only junior poster there) was placed a short time before you posted. + you obviously had not looked at what was posted and misunderstood the comment. That is about the only way you can explain the level of condescension in your post.

    no it wasn't, I made the comment, I should know.

    meh... not so obvious JUNIOR!!!!!

    seeesh... get it right! :p

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    Boat Design Net Moderator Moderator

    Let's please try and keep the forum here polite to all other members, and please take the jabs to some other site or facebook.

    < Closing the thread at this point since it appears to have become a magnet for insults. >
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