Kite, 49er, Moth: who's the fastest of them all(around a course)?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, Dec 3, 2010.

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    Well if you think of the board having somewhere around 60 deg of Veal Heal and then the kite (rig) being canted to say 45 deg with the CE about 500mm from the water..... there is minimal healing moment
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    Good luck getting that through to the targeted gray matter, Cheesy. 6+ years of cajoling hasn't created a single whiff of a movement in that direction.

    But, I do wish you well in the endeavor. This person is unable to grasp that which does not fit pre-conceived ideas as to how real boats work, or how the marketplace would absorb that bent vision of same.

    An uphill battle would be an understatement.
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    Yea I thought some reasonably clear pictures would do it, apparantly not. Had a look at my GPS track and the tacking angle of a twin tip is very average, time to start building a course board

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    Julian Bethwaite, designer of the 49er on DA:

    Posted Today, 05:53 AM

    Guys, for any given course you will have a given fastest boat.

    If the course is from France to USA you will have a multi hull.

    Bridge to Bridge, its a toss up between a board, a kite and a skiff. More often the skiff.

    Not sure if a moth has even tried, probably not that stupid!

    NE course in Sydney Harbour, most likely the moth but they are still trying to get down to my 20 year old record, ain't got there yet! doubt a kite would be in the hunt!

    If you have tight Theatre type course it could even just be the 49er.

    If you sail on puddle lakes in the UK it may even be the 49er with the old elliptical rig!

    I define a sailing "machine" as anything that exploits the different velocities in 2 mediums, in this case water and air.

    All are boats, all have advantages and all have dis-avantages.

    Its good fodder to say this is better than that but at the end of the day, people will decide based on personal preferences.

    There are a lot of very wealthy people out there spending a very large amount of money to sail to Hobart in a few days time.

    Not my cup of tea!

    But what does impress me is efficiency, boats like Fred Elliot's C Class, Bora's Moth and that crazy guy in Namibia with the Vesta Rocket, and yes Larry's and Russell's Oracle.

    All these guys and countless behind them are pushing the boundaries getting 2 even 2.5:1 efficiencies. Now that's got balls, that is what should inspire us all fwd.

    There is so many absolutely amazing people doing wonderful stuff.

    Records are records and the rest, when all said and done, is personnel taste.

    Sydney (mostly)
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