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    Looking for a durable, low maintenance hardwood to act as chocks permanently fixed to davits to support the daughter vessel whilst on the mothership.

    Have heard about Kindawood, they infuse the would with plastic to increase its durability. Has anyone come accross this wood and/or used it? and if so how did it perform?
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    Never heard of kindawood, but if it is like other wood/plastic composites, it will eventually mold, mildew and have some semblance of rot. Composites, as well as the lower-maintenance PVC lumber do have good anti-rot characteristics, but have little structural support. They are mostly for light-load low-maintenance decorative purposes.

    For your application, I would recommend tropical hardwoods, such as Ipe. Treat it with a good marine varnish and it will do what you need it to. If Ipe is unavailable or too expensive, consider white ash, again with a couple good coats of marine varnish.
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    I am unsure of what you are trying to do. But assuming you mean this to be the support the dingy rests in, then King Starboard does great at this. It is a sloid plastic that while week in tension is fine in compression, and is as close to water impervious, mold resistant, and dimenionally stable as you can get.

    Plus the stuff is a snap to work with. Regular wood working tools are all you need.
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    Teak . . .
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    Khaya ivorensis.

    from Ghana - Gabon - Côte d'Ivoire.

    This wood is already tested on fast attack crafts applications from Lurssen for last 100 years.
    Statistical results gave Middle operational life at 65 years with very low maintenance.....

    There are more data in specific mechanical properties and tests results regarding the above mentioned applications.
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    Teak needs no finish. Just shape the blocks and install.
    Phenolic resin can also be very durable for wear plates or anything requiring a high density material.

  7. PAR
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    Teak, white and live oak, HDPE, UHMWPE, and several other hardwoods are the traditional choices, pick one. Teak and live oak will be the lowest maintenance of the commonly available hardwoods.
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