Killer whales launch ‘orchestrated’ attacks on sailing boats

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    A Group of Orca Outcasts Is Now Dominating an Entire [Salish] Sea
    • Transient orcas that eat seals and hunt in small packs are thriving while their widely beloved siblings are dying out
    • Resident orcas work together to hunt salmon
    • The two groups generally avoid each other, and the patterns and sounds they use to communicate are completely different
    • Forty percent of the Chinook salmon runs are already extinct, and the fish that are still around are much smaller than their predecessors
    • The resident population now numbers only 74, down from 97 in 1996.
    • Meanwhile, the sea lion population on the West Coast has bounced back from near extinction and is close to its historic size
    • The transient population of Orcas has grown at about 4 percent a year for most of the past decade, now numbering 349
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