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    Nothing to do Sunday night with crab on the box, I decided to watch some music Dvd's and decided on MeatLoaf's Melbourne concert in OZ during 2005.

    Being a Meat fan ever since Rocky Horror's days, I know every song by heart, studio tracks as well as live shows.
    But what a performance this Melbourne show was and two songs were killer performances and the best I ever heard from Loaf.

    First is "Two out of three ain't bad" and what a stunning performance with the two ladies, KC and Patti Russo chanting away in the background:cool:
    Then my all time favourite of Mr Loaf - "For crying out loud". The first four minutes solo with only the piano leading and then the Melbourne Symphonic Orchestra gently joining proceedings up to an emotional ending - what more can one say?

    Any other killer performances that got your attention good?
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    Several spring to mind, most can be found on You tube, AC/DC's "Its a long way to the top if you want to rock & roll", Skew Siskin "Goddess" Michael Katon "whiskey hill" where do we stop? there is so much good music out there.
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