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    I own a MGRS34.
    Essentially a 3/4 tonner built in 1985.
    Originally she'd have had a tall, fractional rig with running backstays, a tiny engine next to the keel stepped mast and be pretty stripped out.
    Now she has a masthead rig, a 30hp yanmar under the cockpit with a sail drive.
    However the deep lead elliptical keel remains.
    She draws 6'4" or 2.1m and is very stiff.

    On investigation last year the keel seems to be lead from top to bottom.

    My issue is I sail on the East coast of England with frequent cruises to Holland and I'm finding the draft to be restrictive.

    My question is can I essentially chop 6" off the bottom of the keel.
    Re mould the left over into to halves of a bulb and bolt onto the bottom.
    6" reduction in draft would make a significant difference to my cruising area but would it destroy my sailing?
    Many thanks.
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