Keel extrusions

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Case Fabrications, Apr 21, 2022.

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    Case Fabrications Junior Member

    I’m currently building 28 foot aluminum v hull and my metal suppliers center keel extrusions are on back order until September. Does anyone know another metal company that carry one? I have been searching and searching and keep striking out.
  2. comfisherman
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    Couple different versions it looks like, don't know which one your looking for. I'll say this, we use a specific extrusion that's essentially an alloy d guard. Last delivery was similar lead time as you had quoted (about 6 months) but they pulled it off a few weeks earlier.
  3. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    I wouldn't recommend using an extrusion below the waterline, especially if it is structural.

  4. baeckmo
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    What shape and what alloy do you use?
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