Keel Attachment Hardware Specifications

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by trustmethiswillwork, Feb 24, 2024.

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    Hello everyone,
    Image is from a French parts list and specifies the attachment hardware for the keel (threaded rods, nuts and washers). I am hoping maybe some of you may be able to help me decipher the specifications in the third column. More specifically, the terms VMAZTF, VMASTF and AZ.
    Thank you!

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    Hello TMTWW - can you perhaps post the rest of the parts list as well - or are these 3 lines in the jpg the total parts list?
    What type / size of boat will you be using these parts on, if you buy them?
    And how big / heavy is the keel?

    I am guessing that VMAZTF is a bolt that is 20 mm diameter, and 120 mm long, and there are 8 of these bolts; and VMASTF could be a bolt that is 20 mm diameter and 100 mm long, and there are 6 of these - but if this is the case, these bolts are very short (the VMASTF bolts are then just under 4" long).

    Google translate tells me that a quillard is a keel boat, a deriveur is a dinghy, an ecrou is a nut, and a rondelle is a washer (I never did French at school, but Google is very useful)
  3. trustmethiswillwork
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    Thank you for the reply.
    The boat is a 1985 45' Jeanneau. Image shows a list of all keel attachment hardware minus the backing plates which the washers and bolts bear against. The threaded rods/nuts/washers are arranged in pairs. Iron keel weighing a bit over 9000 lbs. I understand the meaning of everything in the list except for the terms listed in my original post which specify the material and type of fastening hardware. The specifications VMAZTF, VMASTF and AZ are the mystery here.
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    Pretty much with bajansailor on the basic breakdown of this using translation apps....
    The last two ECROU and RONDELLE are easy...a nut and washer respectively. That means that AZ is a particular type or grade of nut. This means that 14 22mm washers and 14 20mm nuts are required. So it follows that VMAZTF (8 of 14 total) are 20mmx120mm threaded keel bolts (i.e. "lest quillard" ...where "lest" means "ballast" and "quillard" being "keel boat") with AZ being a particular type or grade and 'TF" being standard for "Threaded Fastener". Similarly, as "ou" means "or else" and "dériveur" means "sailing dinghy" so likewise the VMASTF 20mmx100mm threaded keel bolts of AS type/grade of bolt. Not really sure about why AS not AZ, but the 6 required does make up the complete 14 bolt/nut count...

    So we just need to find what material AZ and or AS is.
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    Exactly. This is the reason for my original post.

    One reason for my query: It is my understanding that if the threaded rod is hot dipped galvanized, the threads cut in the keel will be larger than a non hot dipped galvanized one and will require a matching galvanized nut. I'll find out when i pull one but would like the best chance to have the parts on hand prior.

    I'm a little puzzled why some of the rods would be designated AZ vs. AS since they all penetrate the same material. The only installation variable which exists is that two of the threaded rods of two separate pair arrangements have a small tapped hole at the top for the attachment of copper braid. One is bonded to a chainplate and the other is bonded to the engine and propeller strut. AS and AZ may have nothing to do with this or the finish on the steel.

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    The French word for steel is Acier and it may be that the S or Z are references to particular types of steel.
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