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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by bertho, Jan 28, 2015.

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    bertho bertho

    just for exercise, to imagine drawing suitable for a new sailing club, daily racing boat, mixed sailor level , let said for ..150 / 200 members available for a a fleet of ten to 15 identical nice looking boat.. 10 meters long, something close to the 5.5JI /dragon, 3 crew max , but recent recent design for the underwater shape.. 1.5/ 2 tons max.. no engine, cheap to built (just fiber on foam, + a 2.5 outboard only for emergency..good sails, ..) , ..
    what you will suggest as drawing ?? :confused:
    this a project for south east asia, good weather, a lot of expat around... just idea...
    warms regards
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    For racing most clubs want to stick to established classes. That way their members can develop skills for international regattas they can travel to and host. 10M is quite big for a crew of 3. Melges 20 would be an example of a modern race boat for 3. Older slower classes might be better for less experienced crews.

    The deciding factor is "Why do you think you want a new class?"
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