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Join in a Co-operative Catamaran Build Venture!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Neven, Dec 17, 2004.

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    Unbeatable & Unrepeatable offer!

    If you are seriously looking for or considering the purchase of a 38 ft. plus Cruising Catamaran within the next 1 to 2 years this is a genuine, and once only offer, to join a professional build Co-operative Venture.

    We invite a maximum of 5 buyers to join us in a Co-operative Build Venture.
    The yachts will be professionally built to high quality standards in GRP - Foam Sandwich.

    Designed by world famous designer Derek Kelsall.

    The Catamarans offer Blue Water Performance to a High Specification.

    A Unique Opportunity to buy an ultra modern Ocean Cruising Catamaran at production cost!

    The co-operative build will allow for a normal choice of layouts, (private or charter), with a choice of individual equipment. Subsequent Yachts will be sold and marketed at normal retail price.

    A state of the art, fully equipped, modern Catamaran for US$140,000, a saving of at least $55,000 on the normal and resale value. Normal deposit terms with stage payments and build insurance.

    A Truly Unbeatable Offer! Why?

    We are a professional and skilled team of catamaran builders, who have been let down on our arranged build site.

    We are also fed up to our back teeth with being messed about by European Bureaucrats, and Bankers who want to dictate where we build, ie. Germany or Holland at enormous cost!

    This is our method to start at an ideal and favoured location and to go into business at sensible terms, not loaded with corporate debt.

    Original participants, max. 5 will also be entitled to a percentage of the ongoing - future companies shares = yearly profits. (Enough to keep you cruising in comfort!)


    You will need to be able to demonstrate your financial or at least future financial capability to purchase; this may include a credit or mortgage purchase.

    You will require a paid deposit of US$ 24.000 to be a primary participant.

    You will be required to sign a Company non-disclosure agreement to protect our future business plans - designs - innovations and other proprietary property.

    Boat must be lent for a boat show, e.g. Miami.

    The Yachts will be constructed the USA side of the Atlantic (ex. English territory) and participants will bear their own cost of delivery. ie. cost will be at delivery site (Belize, one day sail from Florida) and include commissioning and marine classification.

    For more info please take a look at www.blueseacatamarans.com

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