Joe gregory's skipjacks designs

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by thesavageofjack, Nov 17, 2015.

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    Is there anybody out there that truly knows anything about Mr Gregory's modified skipjack designs. They have a history unto themselves. With modified keels and outside ballast and some increased freeboard i would think they would be at least great coastal sailors. Taft rails, racked masts, long booms, really pretty salty looking vessels.
    Now I know there are many, aitkins, whittholtz, buehler, zimmer, wilder harris, seabird yawl, gulfweed, v bottom, hard chine etc. etc. With all do respect lets stick to mr. gregory, Howard chapelle, and their influences. These are unique craft that at 1 time were strictly workboats, now with some modification people are building for recreational use.
    I'm hoping people will share if they have sailed them, built them, have studied plans for them etc. I have read Lynn Miller's thread and it was great. Talked to the museum cbmm. To be specific mr gregory's Ann series, and the Rut N. Canton. Thank you all, Jack
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    Hi, I am the owner of Julie Ann. The wooden Schooner designed by Joseph Gregory and built at the Carl Petersen yard in Deltaville Virginia. Joseph Gregory passed away several years ago. As I understand it there were 4 "Ann Boats" built in total. Julie Ann was the first one built followed by the other 3 supposedly all names ending with Ann. Julie Ann spent some time in the Bahamas under charter from the original owner. For me Julie Ann is a great Chesepeake bay boat. She is gaff rigged, all bronze hardware, deadeyes on the shrouds. Very solid schooner. All blocks are from Dauphine in Nova Scotia and made from lignum vitae. I replaced all the blocks a few years ago, using Dauphine and he did a great job. I still have the original engine, a Volvo Penta MB2D. A 2cylinder diesel she still runs great and sails great.
  3. Robsummers
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    All running rigging is 3 strand. She has 6 ports built in the classic bay style of drop back holders with 2 locks on each. She also has 2 classic opening circular bronze portholes at the bow cabin front. All wood work is mahogany and hatches, rails etc included. All in all a very eye-catching, shipshape schooner. Everyday I get compliments from passerbys wanting to know her history.

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    Hello, I am Paul Pedersen, the son of the builder of two of the Ann boats Carl Pedersen. I was curious about the whereabouts of the Julie Ann when I found this post. I restored the boat in the early 90's modifying the rig, ballast, and keel. The boat had been left in the Elizabeth River until the worms had eaten the bottom away and the boat had spent a short time on the bottom. The owner and myself worked together to eventually return the boat to a sailable condition and I arranged the sale of the boat to John Hudson witch started what has become a life long friendship. I was lucky to have been able to sail the boat in the Bahamas with John. I told John when he bought the vessel that if the upkeep ever started to lag that he should sell. After a few years he married and moved and came to me with the news he had a buyer. I don't remember their names but it was the last time I sailed the Julie Ann. This post is hopefully for the current owner. It is a truly great boat and I have many stories.
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