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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by gnab, May 6, 2007.

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  1. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    As an established developer (land preserving type) after some nice projects in the 80´s, I gave up in Dubai! As a land lover, you should´nt think about.

  2. kach22i
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    kach22i Architect

    And I had always been told that the Brits are so reserved.:D

    Frosty, that is a good article.

    One would think that the drug money from Afghanistan going though the "free ports" of the UAE would still have to be laundered by building more empty skyscrapers.
  3. simon99
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    simon99 Junior Member

    hi all im in dubai and yes its slowed down on the boating side alot here and not looking good at all time to move from here soon
  4. cds185
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    cds185 Boat builder requiring wo

    To Frosty,
    I'm 23, single, and I'm a qualified boat builder seeking work in Dubai. I know of a few people that I worked with that got a job over there and heard that it was very rewarding. Can you please get back to me about how I can apply for work
  5. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    To cds

    If I were you I would go there, take a look , you may not like it, the heat has to be experienced. your a good age.

    There is some cheap accom but prob not on the internet. Over on Diera side.

    Theres is a bus station from outside Carfours supermarket in Diera where the cheap accom is. Buy a bike!!! get around, buy a news paper talk, smile.

    Stay with the people you know that already got a job. Just talk and knock on doors.
  6. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    If Dubai is not a must, feel free to send me a mail. Click my name.
    Some pictures attached, showing some probe of skills are always helpful.
  7. cds185
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    cds185 Boat builder requiring wo

    to Frosty

    I believe I can handle the heat, I train with the Army reserves as a Rifleman and we go through both extreams but my only concern is that I still work for a Riviera and things are looking pretty dry at the moment and my funds aren't exactly looking very well either. I'm really interested in going to Dubai and having even just a look but it would be nice to know if there is a good chance of getting work easily as I am a very hard, enthusiastic worker with much experience and education.
  8. cds185
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    cds185 Boat builder requiring wo

    To apex1, I have sent you mail, please get back to me as soon as possible
  9. apex1

    apex1 Guest

  10. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    To CDS You don't have temps in Aus like Dubai unless you trained in an oven.

    Don't tell people on the internet where you work now, or that Riveira are "dry" ---too late.

    AND never ever tell a potential employer to get back to you as soon as possible.

    You say "I hope -- or look forward to hear from you soon".

    Perhaps you need to be a little older.
  11. swabbie

    swabbie Previous Member

    Hi Guys
    Forget about Dubai as alternative to Aussie or anywhere else for a while. Nothings happening here, three majors in UAE have gone down the gurgler with most smaller producers of GRP hulls laying of staff. Hundreds of expat and Filipino staff (including majority of glass laminators) have gone home.
    Airport car park gets a few lease cars departees just abandoned.
    Others are trying to sell their 30=45ft yachts off before going home.
    Its almost safe driving again with reduce traffic numbers.

    GC has dismised contractors and taken outwork inhouse.
    Al Jadaf dry docks hardstand syncrolift is down to 70% vessel under refit. Dealers of imported production hulls aren't moving stock and laying off.

    Contributing cause of problems - hugely overinflated real estate prices, everyone wanting 100 - 1000% profit plus poor planning.

    I predict the regions marine biz will start recovery later this year but build/construction...I estimate maybe 2 yrs earliest.

    Commercial yards in Abu Dhabi have just picked up serious big time contracts on grey boats so if you have electrical, m engineering or weapons systems training there is plenty opportunities - new builds and repair/maintenance.. try AD Ship building yard.

    Regarding the gets hot but its no biggy. Problem is when you leave...anything below 30 feels cold for a while.

    Luck to you all
  12. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    Frances is that you ?? This is wayne !!!
  13. swabbie

    swabbie Previous Member

    Hi Wayne

    Sorry dude, I'm Shaun not frances, its just my accent causes the confussion

    good sailing
  14. bigs2227
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    bigs2227 New Member

    Australian Shipwright

    Hi I'm looking for Boatbuilding work and very willing to relocate.
    I am 26 Australian male,fully qualified Shipwright and Carpenter...
    I am skilled with all materials and very dedicated to my work...
    I am passing through Abu Dhabi twice in April and am willing to stop there...

  15. M-Sasha

    M-Sasha Guest

    deadly right Frosty....
    Richard ıs a generous man, but he does not enjoy the lack of respect. İ fear that was a dead approach.
    Maybe a sort of apologize can correct that fault.

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