jet powered bolger micro trawler?

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by assycat, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Hi all- just curious on what peoples thoughts are on building a bolger 18 ft microtrawler but using a jet drive perhaps from a jet ski sea-doo etc. for propulsion?

    this would allow me to beach and to go into the i love jets-
    they can go just about anywhere.

    Im well aware that an outboard would be easier and more economical. but would prefer a jet drive.

    my only concerns are the weight of the boat- since its quite heavy, will it get up on plane? which leads to another question- i was maybe going to substitute the wood superstructure with honeycomb to save weight?

    what speeds can i expect using perhaps a 750 cc engine-- (i think around 75-80 hp?)
    the boat at 14 ft requires an outboard between 25-50 hp.

    for more info

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    The jets are hardly efficient at lower power settings and speeds, so you will have perhaps 2x the fuel bill for the beaching ability.

    If you just want an efficient cruiser Google,

    Rob White , who built an Atkin Rescue Minor and got 30+ mpg at speed, in a very beachable boat.
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