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    Browsing the forum gave me some answers but not all, I hope you can give me some helpful comments.

    Situation now:

    7,5 m Daysailer,
    1.6 tons displacement, S-frame,
    Maximum hullspeed 6 kts,
    inboard electric motor, 2.5 kW max 1080 RPM, efficiency +/- 85%,
    3 blade 12" prop, efficiency +/- 60%,
    Input power of 1.2 kW gives nice cruising speed.

    I'm brainstorming on how to fit in some type of propulsion to lose the propellor. Knowing there are Jet bow thrusters, wouldn't it be feasible to fit a jet pump for propulsion? My basic thinking would be that with the current power required for cruising, 1.2kW x 85% (engine efficiency) x 60% (prop efficiency) = 0.612 kW = 612 N equals about the power of a fire hose, now take 2 of these hoses and we even have some spare power.
    Do you think it could be done to create this force with a jet pump driven by a 2.5 kW engine at max 1080 RPM?

    I am not looking for an increase in efficiency (however it should at least be near equal) but with similar cost to lose the hole in the hull where the propellor goes and lose the drag this propellor induces during sailing.

    I'm looking forward to read your comments.

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