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Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by Kobus Potgieter, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Kobus Potgieter
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    Kobus Potgieter Naval Architect

    I'm busy with a new project (small tender) which will require a small jet drive engine (complete) of about 100 - 110 Hp. This will be a production boat and ongoing quantities will be required. can anybody link me with the right manufacturers. seem that companies like WEBER has signed deals and you just cant get the packages.
  2. redtech
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    redtech Senior Member

    100-110hp seems like just a small pump package will do. I'll suggest mercury/brunswick for the sport jets, then yamaha and sea doo/brp for there jet ski/personal water craft jets.
    brunswick may be your best option for there doing 90-175hp plus there jet set-ups don't require as much speed to perform as the jet skis do
  3. aqualoco
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    kobus potgieter

    What exactly do you mean that Weber has signed deals and you cant get the engine pkgs? Have you spoken with them and been turned down for purchase or what?

    They call the Weber MPE 750 because the MPE means Multi Purpose Engine. They are in cars, snowmobiles, small jet boats and aircraft. I would think that they would sell to anybody that was a manufacturer of any of these vehicles. I know they are in Polaris snowmobiles, Rinspeed amphibous craft, Williams jet tenders and Hydrospace jet skis (now HSR Bennelli) and etc.

    Did they pick the best company in each of the feilds that they wanted to cater to and do business with them exclusively, or will they be unbiased to the small guy too?

    From what research that I have been able to do on the Weber MPE 750, based on current manufacturers that used their engine, they seen to have a pretty cool little engine and capable of great things.

    I still have not been able to find out if they have designed and offer a jet pump with their marine, "Plug and Play version of the MPE 750"

    I am very interested in their MPE 750 as well, so let me know if you get any further with them.

  4. KND
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    KND Naval Architect

    Weber JET

    A manufacturer that I'm designing the tender for was turned down. Have signed some exclusive deals with other manufacturers. I will try again myself.
    Thanks for the post

  5. jbmboats
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    jbmboats Junior Member

    i am going to start building a 16 ft. with a 110hp and 135hp with a jet. you can reach me at 1-406-677-4242 bill russell.
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