Jazz 30, sheathed plywood power cat

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    Glass fiber is really heavy.

    I used it on my transom edges, for example, hoping they would be a little stronger.

    Transom edges must be glassed on good radiuses, but they must never be kept round or you lose some speed for any given hp. So, after glassing, mix up epoxy and cab and milled fiber and build it back.

    Would plain cabosil work? Probably. I use the milled glass if I want some body or weight to the repair. And thus I only use it for repair like situations. Suppose you grind out a laminating defect and take some plywood. In that situation, you are not coming back with glass, so I wet the spot with some epoxy and then add a milled fiber and cabosil mix so I have glass there... use it rarely

    kind of a double post---sorry
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