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    Hi guys
    i am looking for similar sites such as

    Kitten 18

    i know that similar boats were built in OZ
    Jarcat is probably the most successfull but there seems to be reference to another boat which i cant find

    i am totally amazed = dumbfounded at how many Jarcats there are

    absolutely cute

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    Alan Turner Jarcat Designs

    Hi Manie,

    Jarcat Marine has been around for nearly thirty years now, and have sold over two hundred sets of plans to all parts of the world. I think the most successfull of the designs is the Jarcat Six, though the Jarcat Five is also a wonderful little boat.

    The main reasons for the success of the J5 and J6 trailer sailers are their versatility, and ease of use. No other trailer sailer really offers the same overall package as the Jarcat in terms of ease of build, low initial and ongoing cost, accommodation, ease of handling, stability, turn of speed in the right conditions and resale.. it has a lot going for it.

    The design has brought great deals of delight to so many families over the years, and though my father has retired from designing due to illness, we will continue to sell his plans for these delightful little boats well into the future.

    Keep a lookout on the Jarcat web site for updates and postings of pictures of Jarcats from the early days in the months ahead.

    Kind regards,

    Alan Turner.

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