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    Available for consultation and contract work: rerigging, rebuilding, restoring, repairing, reengineering. Older production sailboats, Hunter, O'Day, Raider, Irwin, et al., a specialty. 40+ years experience, including with some of the finest yachts ever built and sailed (I am one of three people in US truly qualified to perform factory-spec work on Cherubini 44 and 48).

    Only top-notch work, reasonable rates. No customer complaints, ever.

    All projects considered from Long Island to Annapolis through August 2014 (farther afield later).

    (Don't ask me to grind off your old bottom paint! :p)

    Ask about $150 'Do Or Do Not' Survey-- a 'triage' for your upcoming projects which contains a 'to do' list and reasonable estimates of time and materials needed. (This is not a survey for insurance or loan purposes.)

    Currently affiliated with Townsend's Marina, Lacey, NJ. Stop in and say hello.

    Best contact is via email. See blog site for details.
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