It'll buff out...

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Tiny Turnip, Oct 27, 2020.

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  2. kach22i
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    I'm relieved that it wasn't an Orca stepping up the game.
  3. fallguy
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    Minesweepers have rights.
  4. Blueknarr
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    But only while performing their named duty.
    Where no sanely manned vassel would want to be.
  5. Barry
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    weld on a new transom, move the engines forward and convert it into a yacht
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  6. fallguy
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    In order to slice the sweeper in half; the larger ship would have had to aim. More likely the sweeper was trying to outrun and the staff knew.

    16 knots is really cookin for a big ship
  7. Squidly-Diddly
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  8. philSweet
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    How long do fiberglass hulls last?

    Until they are hit by a steel hull.

    16.5 knots isn't at all fast for a container ship of this size, but it was probably faster than the top speed for a Hunt class minesweeper.

    Those were some of the last Napier Deltic engines still in operation. She seems to have still had her original three Napier K-9 Deltics, two shafts and one for electric power. Most sisterships had been re-engined with Cat 32s, But I don't see anything about her being re-engined.

  9. Ike
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    Some one just lost their job.

    One less minesweeper.
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