It took me two years to buy a solo canoe

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by SailorDon, Aug 20, 2016.

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    This thread is in reply to a thread that is about 2 years old.

    It took me 2 years to come to the same conclusion. What sold me on the solo canoe design concept was a demo in an old (16 years old) Wenonah Solitude.
    I was so impressed by the demo that I went and bought a brand new Wenonah Voyager as soon as I could save up the $3,000. :)

    I am very happy with my Kevlar Wenonah Voyager. (35 pounds)



    I'm still working on my endurance to hold a cruising speed of 4 mph. Definitely a different muscle group to paddle vs. stroking oars.
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    It says you made 37.2 miles in 1:11 hours. The graph indicates 4.2 miles though. I assume the bigger number is over more than one day. You are keeping up a nice speed.
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    I keep an "odometer" reading for the boat and for YTD (Year To Date)
    That is the 37.2 miles you see listed.
    Since I purchased the boat in April 2016, the Odometer Miles and the YTD miles are the same.

    The Track Distance for the rowing session is on the screen capture from my Garmin 650 Montana GPS. It displayed 4.16 miles for that rowing session.

    I hope that explains the data.
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    I'd play around with both diff seating positions and corresponding paddle lengths.

    Had a SOT kayak 14' aquaterra Prism, and found I could paddle in normal seat position, or sit up on deck just aft of seat or get up on knees just fore of seat.

    All three worked diff muscle groups and I'd feel re-energized when returning to standard seated position.

    Sitting up just behind seat well especially was real nice on calm water.

    Up on knees little more stressful and unstable, but allowed longer more powerful stroke.

    Paddle length goes by beam of boat (and seating height I guess) not circumference of paddler's biceps, so they say.

    But I'm about 6' 1" with semi long arms and I prefer a 240cm when they tell me the boat rates 220cm paddle. To me torso length should also be a factor (height from shoulder sockets above water) or even if you have a thick seat pad to keep your arse high and dry on a SOT.

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    If you want another speed boost, get a wing paddle and work on developing the wing paddle stroke. For example:

    You don't have to get a wing paddle to improve using this method but you will be even faster with a wing paddle. I own an adjustable length Epic Kayaks wing paddle.

    Six weeks of working on this will also give you a noticeable improvement in your torso strength and flexibility. Improved core strength improves life quality on a 24x7 scale!
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