ISO highest power/weight ratio. Need some outboard suggestions!

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by salukikev, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Yes, all boats between 2,5 to 8,0 meters should pass manouverable test according to "Recreational Craft Directive" to get CE-marked for EU markets. If a boat doesn't pass with full throttle, 85% speed is allowed if a boat has some warning stickers to reduce speed before turning and precise "speedometer" eg. GPS plotter. I had the last "maximum speed" equation all wrong. Sorry for that. Its corrected now.
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    Hi! Sorry for the belated reply but yes- thanks so much for the equations. Very helpful information and a great starting point when making these calculations.

    I'm still in a research phase in the design of this. My day to day job is consumer/industrial product design, so boat design is just a fun new diversion for me. I'd like to find someone more experienced specifically with hydrofoils and hydrodynamics experience to collaborate with on this project if anyone else is interested. I'm funding all this internally and have the equipment to prototype it also available.

    Otherwise, I'll probably just keep bouncing a question off the forum here and there in the course of studying up to follow through by myself.

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    Some recalculating has reduced my power requirements a bit on this, I'm now shooting for a lower 15-40hp range. The spec that I've actually become more focused on is a longer shaft- 25" or more would be great, but the only models that meet that spec appear to be 100+hp or 5-15hp. I'm about to post some ideas re: that inquiry separately.

    However, in researching this question, I have bookmarked a number of excellent references wanted to post my two favorites here:

    Not a LOT of info, but a very large database which includes weight. More often than not I was able to find weight for any models/year that I'd come across:

    Great searchable index tool. Sometimes missing data here and there, but it looks like they post what's available:
    Thanks for the help!
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