ISO 12216, Small Craft Windows, portlights, etc.

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    I don’t think I have the correct understanding of the test procedure in Annex D, Test procedure D.3.2.2 and would be vey glad to get some help.

    This test is an inside pressure test on glued PMMA windows. The standard specifies a test jig modelling the jointing procedure, plate material and the glued joint dimensions of the windows in the actual project. The area of the window plate is specified to be 0.02 - 0,16 square meter. One shall apply an inside pressure of 625 times Asg, expressed in kilopascal, tending to push the plate out of its support.

    Asg is the width of the glue joint multiplied with the length of the perimeter of the test sample. The width of the joint is made equal to the real window in the boat, but the perimeter length and the area of the real window is most often longer/larger than for the sample. Since the area grows by the square of the linear scale, the inside pressure will most likely set up a force in the glue joint that is greater for the real window than for the sample. Will this anyway be sufficient test or is it something fundamentally wrong in my understanding?

    Thank you.
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