Island Packet 41 SP Cruiser anyone?!!

Discussion in 'Motorsailers' started by White Knight, Nov 2, 2008.

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    Hey Guys, - Lately, I've been bitten by a fascination for the Island Packet SP Cruiser 41' motorsailer! I'm thinking of retiring to sea with the Mrs. one day and have become fixated on this vessel. I don't plan to race anyone, just travel comfortably around and hopefully save some fuel by using some wind. Even when powering the fuel mileage is pretty good. I always love to have a flybridge, but on a sailboat, the forward cockpit is OK especially with the available remote controled autopilot. I like the optional captive winches to permit nearly total pushbutton sail control from the pilothouse. I'm getting old guys and don't need to prove my stoicism anymore! The optional Genoa is needed too. I don't even mind the lines emerging in the aft cockpit (away from the helm). I think it was on Guillerimo's Motorsailers and Motorsailing Website who listed her operating envelope as: H-15/29. Pretty useable, I'd say! I'm sure it could benefit greatly from a big, fully feathering; controllable pitch propeller with a slow turning engine - maybe a JD. The standard 110 hp engine is alright too. Of course, even with 215 gal. of fuel; more would be better. It's an American thing. This boat just seems to be a good all arounder and at a not too unreasonable price. Check it out on the IP website and give me some feedback! Thanks, Mark
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