is this normal

Discussion in 'Materials' started by cme4pain, May 23, 2009.

  1. AroMarine
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    AroMarine Junior Member

    As someone who makes a fair portion of his living from fixing boat builder screw ups and more often crap that was obviously rushed through the production line for scheduling convenience I would have no problem believing that a builder or supplier might paint over something like your mufflers.
  2. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    They are mufflers, my mistake. Many mufflers are painted from the factory, it is just a matter of cosmetics.
  3. cme4pain
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    cme4pain Junior Member

    Well I just got my new tubes from Centek. These are far superior than the others. They are spirally wound and woven throughout.
  4. SamSam
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    Yes, good advice.

    Mr. Pain, as far as those things in your picture go, they weigh a lot when they have water in them and you have to be sure they don't bang around when underway. Even though they're strapped to the stringers now, maybe they weren't before or were loose enough to where they did. Its possible that's where the cracks came from, besides being obviously crappy to start with.

  5. Dan H
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    First person to ask would be the person that put his label on them.
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