Is there a difference in naming convention in NEMOH and WAMIT regarding the Diffraction Potential

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by Chaitanya Kesanapalli, Sep 12, 2021.

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    Chaitanya Kesanapalli New Member

    I am new to Boundary Element Method, and I recently learned both WAMIT and NEMOH. But in the documentation, I see different naming conventions for Diffraction potential

    In WAMIT,

    Diffraction potential = Incident + Scattered
    Total Potential = Diffraction potential + Radiation potential
    Diffraction force = Froude Krylov force + Scattered force

    Where as in NEMOH and some other books such as sea loads on ships and offshore structures by OM Faltinsen and,

    Total Potential = Incident + diffraction + radiation

    Excitation force = Froude Krylov force + Diffraction force

    Am I wrong?
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    If you are in school or an office, use the terminology they want you to use so you can communicate better. Otherwise, use terminology that helps you understand the separate components of the theory. Every hydrodynamicist must come to his own understanding of the differing theories and methods. If you don't understand the theory differences, then the terms used by any program aren't going to be helpful.
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    Here is a powerpoint presentation of Nemoh by their authors (and their email adresses in case of) , may be you will have your answer and more :
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