is hull design different between i/o and a thru hull

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by oops!, Feb 12, 2008.

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    oops! Junior Member basically new here so i hope im in the right forum......

    im currently restoring my 1969 searay srv190 i/o

    i have extended the hull from 19 to 24 feet.......

    i was thinking of going to a mid engine design with a thru hull prop shaft .....
    i was there any difference in hull design between a standard i/o and a mid engine?.....obviously the stringer/motor mount is different.

    the boat is gutted and im just about to do the stringers so......if im gonna go is the time

    any input would be apperciated

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    Tad Boat Designer


    You have added a bunch of buoyancy aft by lengthening the hull. If your engine, tanks, etc. remain in the original location, the boat will float bow down. Thus you need to move major weights (engine & tanks) aft. How much aft is the question......

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