Is epoxy epoxy? Well known vs cheap brand epoxy.

Discussion in 'Materials' started by xellz, Dec 2, 2017.

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    Not only boat building materials are hard to find in Japan and really little choice, but they also cost a lot. For example 3 gal of System three SilverTip epoxy will cost about 550usd, there is much cheaper epoxy available of ebay or in Japan (but never heard of those company names). From what i could find, most problems come from not protecting ratios and instructions provided by manufacturer, i.e. better to avoid pump and read instructions. Since i want to paint over, how clear is epoxy is of no importance.
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    West System and System Three brand epoxies are the two most costly of the commonly available stuff. Japan has epoxy formulators in country and you can order epoxy online, usually at 1/2 to 1/3rd of the price of the big boys and yes it has the physical attributes of the major brands.
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    Cheap epoxies usually have no technical support. That is worth a lot of money.
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    Thanks for input, i thought about trying japanese epoxy on small project first before i go to larger boat. Difference between System Three and cheaper epoxy won't be that big on kayak, but on 30ft catamaran it's certainly noticeable.
  6. rwatson
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    You might consider a mix. Brand name for exterior, no-brand for interior for example.

    I did a strip plank canoe in West Systems. It has spent many years up side down, in direct sunlight. The seats, also done in epoxy/strip/plank at the same time look like new, while the inside of the hull has gone dark, and mostly opaque. The outside of the hull is painted a dark colour, which goes against a lot of advice to paint epoxied hulls a light color.

    I guess the lesson is that even a brand name doesn't make epoxy anything but epoxy, and they all have their limitations.

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    Checking out the data sheet for an epoxy helps.
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