Is a stainless steel boat possible?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by hansp77, May 2, 2006.

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    I dont know what "super duplex" actually is but 2205 for instance laser cuts fine, however it is significantly stronger than your average 304/316 so you know about it when you have to drill a hole in it...
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    Hey bro, that boat's got a striking similarity to the 1947 Sears Elgin 14' stainless runabout I'm restoring. It belonged to my Grandfather, then my Dad, and now it's my turn I suppose.

    When I got it the wood had pretty much left the scene so it was in about the same shape as yours. Dad and I still remembered a lot of the details and I managed to get it back in really good shape... finishing it up this weekend. I've also got a brand new 6HP mercury 4-stroke for the back. I thought about a vintage motor but I wasn't up to that kind of a challenge.

    Attaching some pics to help you out, including the a snap from a sears catalog that contained a 1955 model. Hope these help, and I'll have a couple of finished product pics in a couple days, hopefully. I'm bending the Cypress for the side rails now, and that's the last thing to do.

    So, to answer the orignial question, yeah, it's pretty much possible to make a stainless steel boat, but apparently you better have a plan for who's gonna be driving it in 60 years. Or a hundred. Or more.


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    As BIG as 1 Plate

    It has and is my intent, to PRESS A STAINLESS-STEEL PLATE into a 'Primary Rigid Hull' for our "SUSYAM" design Flying-Sailboats, as well as offer the same in ALUMINUM PLATE; at prices related to "fire" ratings of these hulls we expect to also offer in Composite-Fiberglass. Resulting also, with 3 GW Classes for same Hull.

    This discussion, is educational as to what wiser mariners can offer as wisdom to benefit us all, as I am now also following this BASIC yet Important Decision, of what materials should we employ for our preferred hull and superstructure plus interiors of our boat, yacht or ship.!?:confused:
    :idea: keep reading...and learn better = it is never too late for some Q&A

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