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    Hi Everybody,

    I never thought I could get to such a well organised site, where I can meet and make friendship with guys from the profession that I really like and wished that I was among them.
    Professionally, I am an Architect ( building/civil) and have a lot of experience if I may say, I am deep in architecture.But unfortunatley I am not happy since this was my dad's choice (to be an architect) while I myself wanted to be a marine engineer or marine/naval architect.
    So this makes me feel uncomfortable with my profession despite that I am working very well and lead a team of architects in United Arab Emirates.I always tell my team mates that I am thinking of switching to something doing with Marine.
    So guys what do you suggest or what are your opinions given that my first degree is Bsc. Architecture. So which is the nearest point can I go if I can't achieve that. Where can I get any institution that fits my goals.
    I am a Kenyan by birth and citizenship.
    Thanks all
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    westlawn5554X STUDENT

    Try westlawn marine tech...

    The man to contact Dave Gerr... He is my teacher which program I enrolled...

    Hope u find it suitable...
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    Welcome to the forum abbkr! Depends what you want to do really, which part of 'marine' are you interested in and how much? Maybe you want to become fully immersed and design and build - then as Westie said! Maybe you want to get a small boat and play awhile building up your knowledge until you get to where you want to be? Most of the Trucial States (er sorry showing my age U.A.E.) are close to the sea, find a suitable yacht club and get in! Whatever nows the time to start, and enjoy! Remember life is not a rehersal - go for it!!
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    You've had some good advice already. Might want to take some quiet time with no distractions, and think about what it is you want; maybe where you want to be 5 and 10 years from now. One piece of advice: the world today wants to see credentials before you will get a chance to show what you can do (most often). You're well qualified in design basics already with your training, so getting the credentials (degree) in marine design or NA should be easier for you.

  5. abbkr
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    abbkr New Member

    Well, I am happy to receive such a good response from you guys. I actually want to do marine architecture-design and building, and go into that to the high levels- professionally.
    Recently I saw an advertisement here in UAE papers, looking for an architecture with marine experience- I don't know what they actually meant by that , but I guess it was seeking a normal architect with off-shore experience.
    Anyway doing a marine architecture course has been my long time dream, and if I may say, something that I hope to be. One guy outside here, told me that I should have a Mechanical Engineering degree, or else I won't make it.
    If that is so then I would like to ask is there any course such as history of marine architecture. In normal architecture we have that, so if I won't make it (though I will try my best) then I will opt for that. (history of marine architecture).
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