Interlux Perfection. Awlgrip, Awlcat3 as a catalyst substitute?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by missinginaction, Jul 31, 2021.

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    Is anyone else having a hard time finding Interlux Perfection? I've got my boat painted in Snow White and see it out of stock at all of my usual vendors. I did a search and found that there is an issue with Interlux getting the chemicals it needs to manufacture the paint and catalyst.

    I need to do a little touch up and I'm wondering if any of you have used Awlcat 3 (mixed at a 2:1 ratio) with Perfection? I have some of the Perfection base (that stuff never goes bad) but my catalyst has kicked off in the can and is useless.

    The finished product doesn't need to come out exactly like the Perfection, I'm not painting large areas, just doing some touch up.

    Hopefully as time goes on things will get better.


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    Pending any response here, I'd call Interlux.
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    I don't have experience in that specific combination.

    But do have many years of spraying many brands of catalyzed polyurethane.

    It is always best to use the specified catalyst. They are similar enough to usually work off brand. There might be a few issues.
    -increased chance of fisheye or alligatoring.
    -unpredictable drying/ curing/ pot life -times
    -color shift
    -gloss shift
    -viscosity/flow/leveling issues

    I suggest a test drive before mixing up a large batch.

    Good luck
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    missinginaction Senior Member

    Thanks Blueknarr.
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    Blueknarr’s advice on test batch is very important!
    I do small test batches even on products that are familiar to me, especially when one or more components has been on the shelf for a while.
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    I'm resurrecting this thread in the event anyone out there is curious about using the catalyst Awlcat 3 with Interlux Perfection paint. I inherited some unopened Interlux Perfection from a former boat club member, the paint was fine but the catalyst was congealed. I got thinking. Perfection and Awlgrip are manufactured by the same company and are the same type of paint. You cannot buy the catalyst for Perfection separately but the catalyst for Awlgrip is sold separately. So I bought a can. I'm doing some small modifications to my boat and made up three new parts. About 15 square feet total. I figured if it turned out bad I could just sand it off. Composite construction, marine ply core sealed thoroughly with epoxy, sheathed with fiberglass cloth, filled and primed with Interlux Epoxy Prime Coat.

    Then I mixed up that older Perfection and opened the can of Awlcat #3. Just mixed it up 2:1 and after looking at it determined that it didn't need any additional thinning. Roller at the ready, I took a breath and down it went.

    I'm happy to report that after the paint set up overnight I could not tell the difference. If you've ever worked with this stuff you know that it takes a few days to really reach a full cure and hardness. It's been a few days and it looks exactly like all the other Perfection jobs I've done.

    So if your rolling or brushing and have some Perfection with a bad can of catalyst, fear not. Pick up some Awlcat #3 and you'll be OK.

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    baeckmo Hydrodynamics

    Very useful tip these days, thanx for sharing your result!
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