Interfacing a Digitizer

Discussion in 'Software' started by turnershells, Nov 22, 2002.

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    In one of the better purchases I've made, I picked up a Kurta Series Two digitizer from for the princely sum of $75US. Using the (free) Bentley driver I've got it working with 3 of the 4 programs I use: ProBasic, AutoCad, and QuickCad. I should mention that I'm new to AutoCad and QuickCad and know very little about the programs.
    I prefer to do most of my work in the Stations Definition Package (DOS)I ordered with ProBasic, and of course, that's the one that won't work. What I really need is the User's Manual for the digitizer that's got the DIP switch settings.
    Anyone have a Kurta digitizer with DIP switches, or otherwise know how to configure this?

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