Interesting maritime evolution

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by SheetWise, Sep 11, 2011.

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    I had to look up anthropogenic to see what it means. It is human impact on the environment. I've learnt something today, and it's only 8:30 am. My learnings done for the day, may as well go back to sleep.

    However doesn't Sheetwise's first post contain an anthropogenic term ie the impact that Russia has had on the environment.

    Yep think I'll go back to sleep.
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    FMS, I got a 15 horse 2 stroke started after 12 years in a shed in Florida. It may not be too late for them. The head seemed seized but I got it moving with a wood block and a hammer on the flywheel. After gently tapping for several minutes it started turning and ran fine for 10 years after that.
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    Yes, we got that. So the question remains; Was it necessary?

    I realize that I'm the new guy here, so maybe that explains why the reading of the site's rules are still fresh in my head. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm of the impression that perhaps a person of your stature could be addressing Michael in a more civil fashion.
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    You're quite correct in that it wasn't necessary Hussong, but this wasn't a terribly offensive jab, considering what has been tossed about previously. It's often difficult to interpret a post's intent, but there shouldn't be more read into it then was written. In short Michael has a tenancy for stating the obvious, which I like to point out.
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    SheetWise All Beach -- No Water.

    I think this is the consensus -- but the costs should have been covered if the vessels were transported on their own keel to a central point. It's just one of the weird things I think about. This may simply be a combination of unintended consequences, malinvestment, and irrational behavior. All certainly easy to comprehend when something as certain as a shoreline slowly recedes ...
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    I googled a bit on this and apparently they are slowly reversing this disaster. May be too late for some of these boats.
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    It can be as you say, but I deserve an attempt to douse the keel and again.
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    Hope they have put a little more "step" into it..if they ARE attempting to "reverse" this little disaster...I'd say it's about gone now altogether if they haven't....will certainly have to wiki this tonite...
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    Abandoned ships

    A few years back, I watched a documentary special on this problem.
    (I believe it was on PBS!)

    These ships were left to rust as the water retreated. People moved away.
    This is one of the most visible things that went wrong in the worker's paradise.
    You should read about the indiustrial waste-lands!

    Stephen I. M.

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    Yes, I watched an interesting documentary film about it too. The lake water was poisoned by heavy metals which killed off the fish (and caused grave health problems from dust as the basin dried out) and at the same time the water levels were dropping. Possibly the boats were effectively abandoned long before they were left high and dry. Photos of the soviet union always seem to feature lots of rusty metal...presumably scrap had no value in their distorted economy.
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