Interested in Buying or Renting 56 Copenhagen Ship Curves

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by digitalis, Jun 10, 2015.

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    To Mr.Sponberg

    Hi Mr.Sponberg. I read your article in the attached file. It is a very interesting history, and thank you for it! Thanks for the side histories in your answer as well!
    I read the chapter about ship curves on the book 'Creating Shapes...' too. I learned there are even other sets of ship curves (Hamburg, English curves) but the Copenhagen set is the most relevant. I would like to read your articles about rigging. Have you ever considered writing a book on yacht design ? I have been researching books on small boat design and I have found many books not so famous like the English language books such as Italian, French, Spanish, German (but I do not understand German yet) but I think there are important yacht designers like you plenty of wisdom. I really would like to read a book written by you.
    Well, now you can tell your friend Carl Cramer where He can find complete ship curves. The AJMR RepresentaƧoes is the exclusive dealer for Trident (the Brazilian ship curves factory) in our country. Email: . They sale in all of the specialized design shops over here. I don't know if they sale abroad. But He can contact Trident directly. If they will not answer, so write over here for me, and I will call them directly.
    I have fallen in love for Yacht design since my twelve years. That is not my job. It is my hobby. I hope to apply for Westlawn or MacNaughton YDS correspondence courses. I own around 70 books in those languages. I wish more 150 books : ) I got a like new planimeter set last year too and I begin to study how to cast my own drafting ducks.
    Mr.Sponberg, enjoy your sailing ! If you come to Brazil some day, look for me if you go to Paraty city, south RJ. The Lord bless you and your boat. PS: I wasn't able to formatting this text, sorry.

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    Thank you, Renato. I've been looking for acrylic battens, not ship curves, I'm afraid. I have located a local shop that will make some wooden ones for me.

    Eric is off sailing, so I imagine he won't be responding for quite some time.

    Thank you, Carl
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    Renato Renato_RJ

    To Carl Cramer

    Hello Carl. That's ok. I understand it. Well, thanks for the info about Mr.Sponberg, too. Nice to contribute to this thread. All the best for you.
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    After a two-year long research and prototyping project, there is now a Kickstarter project where you can purchase nautical drafting curves:

    - Ship Curves One: a single-piece that contains more than a dozen ship curves.

    - Dixon Kemp Curves: a five-piece set of pear-shaped ship curves attributed to a mid-1800s maritime architect.

    - Copenhagen Ship Curves: both the standard 56-piece set as well as an extended 120-piece set.

    You can find out more about the project and research from my blog on the Copenhagen Curves website or purchase directly through my Kickstarter project.

    Copenhagen Ships Curves


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    Interesting discussion. Seems to me a lot of designers draw ship's hull lines manually. In CAD we can moslty forget about curves. We use it only for main boundary lines definition. Sections as frames, watrelines and buttocks usually generated as a intersections of hull surface with orthogonal planes. In this case we can modify shape of this lines by modification of the hull surface only. And finnaly when you comes to production you need to make a hull surface anyway. Then your surface sections will not be a same as manual drawing.
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