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    11 am, and you call yourself a professional. Where I come from mate, we'd be just getting started on the second round. ;-) Tell you what ole bean, you get yourself some sleep, don't over exert yourself, and be sure and remember your pills. Its about 10:00 pm ish over here and I've just made plans for next few nights with a beautiful Nubian princess. I'll try and have some fun for you and keep you posted eh ;-)

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    Ok but wear a condom. I dont want to get her pregnant.
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    No--there are three types of boilers(basically) original boilers were fire tubes these are tubes running through the boiler to increase surface area so it doesnt take hours to fire the boiler up. usually about 60-100 sq ft of extra heated surface area is added IN the boiler...this also is a very very simple design. but its more dangerous because in the old days the metals werent as good and the fatigfue cycles meant dangerous conditions -so today thats not an issue...
    water tubes are the reverse when someone firgured out if you put water in the tubes and heated the tubes it made fast steam and higher pressures.
    and the tubers handle much higher pressures and tend to never explode they just get a small hole and leak...
    monotubes are in essence on demand systems which are very safe and heat up fast--they are just a single long coil of tube ...
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    Steam vs. diesel


    The gear ratio for the steam engine is an overdrive ratio 1 to 1.38 which increases the shaft rpm from 500 to 690 and decreases the torque from 1050 to 760 ft. lbs. The diesel has a gear reduction of 3 to 1 which reduces the shaft rpm from 2000 to 667 rpm and increases the torque to 760 ft. lbs. Therefore if all other factors were the same the steam engine would be faster.

    Dave T:)
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    Steam racing models have been clocked at 80 mph!!

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    Sorry Dave-got it reversed in the last post, thanks!
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