Inflatable electric boat calculation question

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Stigla, Mar 18, 2021.

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    over invested? yet you charge at the topic with gloriously unbacked claims.

    concept2 machines are not "ridiculously inaccurate". they are used for official competitions and the results are very consistent from machine to machine, event to event, year to year. Bicycle power metering is also very common place and accurate. Bikes also seem to get higher - not lower - long range measured watts, probably because rowing has a lot of movement and acceleration work that goes to waste.

    If you look at Olympic rowers the heavy weights, despite the 72kg weight class limit, are in the 90-95kg range and 6'2"+
    They have slightly more resistance vs the light weights but significantly higher output. so no need to "lol" there. In running or cross country skiing, biking etc. smaller body can be advantage on a boat less so.

    No I don't believe in everything I read. And I will take this into consideration when reading your posts. Neither do I try to bash information posted by others based on my gut feel.

    but to the more relevant point. exercise pace paddling/rowing of one hour can easily exceed 100w for a not-at-all athlete. So if kayaking or canoe speeds are to be used as a reference one should either use higher power estimates or "all day" speeds.
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    BlueBell "Whatever..."

    You consider that bashing? Interesting perspective.
    This is a public forum and I can't stand-by while someone speculates misguidedly.

    Having worked in a human performance lab, built two marine pedal drive systems, studied Mechanical Engineering, rowed and cycled competitively, been a consultant on human powered and low wattage marine drive systems, I think my comment legitimate .

    Too bad you don't want to learn something new, outside of your comfort zone.

    All the best to you Kerosene, lets try and help the OP.

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    of course not but I think you knew that. but agree let's move on.

    I stand by my recommendation of purpose built canoe/kayak style hull. XPS foam or plywood. it can cost less than the inflatable and will perform much much better. It will need work though - and work space.
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