Inboard Engine to Automobile Engine Conversion ?'s

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by Stingray230, Sep 25, 2007.

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    Hi, I am a little new when it comes to working on boats, but I am mechanically inclined and feel as if I can work it out.. Can someone give me some tips or advice or even what really needs to be converted in order to replace an inboard motor with an Automobile engine such as a honda v-6, etc? I have an 89 Stingray with no motor or outdrive right now, I just picked it up as a project boat and i noticed that the engine prices I have been finding are pretty high. I have a friend who can give me a deal on an automobile engine so I'm seeing if this is feasible. Any hints, tips, suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
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    I'm sure that you have had a look at the other threads in this area of the design forum. There's lots of good advice here thats already posted. Carbs, fuel injection systems, cooling systems, distributors, alternators and starters are fairly big issues. You need to marinize them or replace them with marine specific components. Sometimes a change in cam is recommended, and this has to do with the fact that the motor is under continuous load and continuous rpm, unlike a car. You will find much debate on the cam issue and weather or not a particular engine block is suitable for a marine application. Take it all in.
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    Stingray- Your better off going the route of using a smallblock Chevy, and a readily available outdrive, such as a Mercruiser, or even the OMC Cobras are still plentifull with parts readily found. The problem with foreign engines is the lack of availability for parts, i.e. a bellhousing that goes between a honda block and any sterndrive. I've never heard of it. I go by the K.I.S.S. motto.
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