In terms of rig loading to the hull.....

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Roly, Feb 14, 2008.

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    would the outer skin of a composite hull go in tension first or the inner skin? (If the chainplates were attached to the hull) Is this why,generally, the outer skin is heavier than the inner? (Even though the inner skin is spreading the load from the keel to the hull like a giant washer.)
    Or is the loading so simultaneous that it doesn't matter?
    Most scantlings stipulate heavier outside.
    Any input appreciated!
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    Just in case you haven't seen this thread -->

    I'm no professional, but doesn't it seem like it would be the outer skin that would go into tension first? And more so than the inner skin? I imagine that one could think about a transverse section of the hull below the deck-at-edge as a beam in bending (due to the pull of the rig toward the CL), in addition to being in tension, which leads me to think that while the inner skin may not necessarily be in compression, it would be less in tension than the outer skin.
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