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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by JKE, Jan 17, 2005.

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    Thanks Steve,I'll let you know what I find out. It will be a couple of weeks as I am working out of town just now.

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    Been the better part of a year since the last post...hopefully many of you guys are still around.

    Just picked up a 1971 Inca Hardtop 23', with twin Mercruiser outdrives and twin inline 6 165hp GM 250ci engines (240 hours displaying on one, 220 hours on the other). It hasn't been "stickered" since 1999, and thus I'm assuming it's not been in the water since then. Bought it at an auction from a charity donation, and paid $900 including all fees. Fig'rd I could part it out and get my money back if I had to...but would love to get it back on the water and make some fun memories with my family. This is my first boat, but I'm a reasonably good shadetree mechanic, so I should be able to get most of the mechanical work done myself and with the help of my buddy who knows far more about both boats AND mechanics than I do.

    We got the starboard engine to fire and run for a minute or two on a gas can. The port engine's carb has a stuck float, so I pulled it and am soaking it in carb cleaner now. Will almost certainly rebuild both of them.

    Port stern drive is several years newer than the starboard for some reason, and appears to be stuck in gear. Starboard stern drive is frozen up due to rust, so we pulled it, and will tear it down and diagnose. Purchased a Mercruiser manual PDF online ( DOWNLOAD 1963-1973 MerCruiser Engines & Drives Repair Manual | eBooks | Automotive ) , and also just paid for the original 1973 hard copies of the Mercruiser Factory Repair Manual off eBay yesterday...and those should be delivered next week.

    I'm posting some "before" photos. Boat was REALLY dirty from sitting around Arizona for so long, but appears to be complete with original interior that's in good condition for it's age, and also came with quite a few fun 70's/80's period-specific owner upgrades (marine radio, CB radio, depth-finder, cassette deck, etc.).

    Still on the to-do list:
    R&R both carbs and get both engines timed and running properly.
    Diagnose and repair outdrive issues (both sides)
    Flush all four fuel tanks
    Repair hull (3' long starboard-side scrape that was repaired poorly)
    New trailer tires and tongue jack installed
    ...and then, take it up to the lake and see where we're at

    My buddy thinks it's plenty workable, and doesn't believe I purchased a "basket case"...but it's going to require quite a bit of love to get it back to operational. I'm enjoying the journey so far... :)

    How are you guys doing with YOUR vintage projects?

    All the best,

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