I'm new to boats and would like to build one.

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by MatthewNTrinh, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. MatthewNTrinh
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    MatthewNTrinh New Member

    Summer is coming close this year and I wanted to start on a boat project. I never built boat and have little experience with wood work. I am interested in building a sailboat just to cruise and to fish in. I know that i don't want to build anything greater than 16' feet or anything with a cabin. I would like to build a boat that can hold about 3-4 people. So far i found this boat plan to be very appealing.


    What i'm looking for is some advice for building the first boat. Especially help with choosing a plan. I have quite a few questions and I hope someone can answer them. I am open to other boat plan suggestions and hope i can choose a right boat as the first boat.

    First I was wondering about how much would it cost to build a 15' feet sailboat like Ebihen 15/16 in the previous link.

    Second, should i build my first boat from boat plan or order a kit? I know that some people mention that building from the plan allows you to learn more while kits save time and it is precise. However, when i looked up the quote for the kit it was about $3,500 U.S. Is that about right for a 15' feet sailboat? I know there will more added on top of the price for additional equipment but how much would building from the plan cost? (instead of buying a kit with precuts.) would building from the plan cost substantially less?

    Thanks in Advance. I am excited to build a boat but cost and boat plans are my issues right now.
  2. Lurvio
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    Lurvio Mad scientist

    Go fer it. :)

    From what I've heard, GlenL plans are easy to follow even for beginners. And they have an active forum for builders.

    GlenL boatplans

    I've just started my first build but it's a lot different, under 7ft and pedals. :)
    I'm not gonna use much money on mine, hopefully under 100€, but I have all the solid wood available for free.

  3. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Carbon Based Life Form

    4 adults in a 16' boat would be very tight quarters if they are fatsos like me.
  4. TollyWally
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    TollyWally Senior Member

    Tis utter folly, flee while you able. :)
  5. Submarine Tom

    Submarine Tom Previous Member

    I'm new to flying, I'm going to build an airplane to take my family up in.

    What fun...

  6. alan white
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    alan white Senior Member

    You've got a good eye for boats. That sure is a pretty one. Not the easiest first project, but doable if you take your time and don't expect to be sailing this year.
  7. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    If you have never built a boat before, start with a small "stitch and glue" craft. eg http://www.selway-fisher.com/Highlanders.htm

    If you are really, really budget conscious, try drugs instead of boats. They are a lot cheaper in the end, and make a lot less mess in the garage.
  8. lewisboats
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    lewisboats Obsessed Member

    Truer words....

    Still...that is a nice boat and would suit your purpose...but it is more of an intermediate-beginner build. That one would require working with long floppy lengths of confidently cut ply with scarfs in each one, plus some experience with epoxy, a multitude of clamps, some prior practice with a plane, jig saw, circular saw, hand saw(s) and a few other tools too. I would second Alan and Mr. Watson and suggest you hone a few skills with a quick and dirty build like a SummerBreeze or something of that ilk first before taking the plunge. A knowledge and some practice in sailing would likely be in your best interests too.

    SummerBreeze would cost you $400-$600 to build and fit out with cheap fittings and materials...it would be a throw away boat...lasting 3-6 years. The one you are looking at would probably run...$4500-$5000 for quality materials and fittings including sails.
  9. uncleralph
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    uncleralph Junior Member

    François Vivier certainly designs beautiful classic boats, but I don't think they would be the easiest (or cheapest) builds for a beginner. Also, as I beginner I would probably look for something where I could get support closer to home.

    There are literally hundreds of boat plans in that size range. As an example the Core Sound 15 or 17 from http://www.bandbyachtdesigns.com/. I don't have a vested interest in this designer, I am just presenting one of many options. I have built two of his paddle boats and have heard good things about his sailboats. As a point of reference you can get a pre-cut kit for the Core Sound 17 for $1,675. http://www.bandbyachtdesigns.com/cs17kit.htm

    But lets face it, none of us HAVE to have a sailboat so make sure you build something that pulls at your heart strings. If that is the traditional lines of François Vivier's designs, then go for it.
  10. DocScience
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    DocScience Wishful builder

    wishful builder

    I have not built a boat before either.
    I have looked at many being built.
    I plan to build my own boat of my own design, of my own plans, and just wear a good life preserver when I test it, even though I swim well.

    I plan to put lots of built in flotation, so that the boat does not go down with me !!

  11. stubby
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    stubby Junior Member

    You could try a John Welsford design.
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