ILC 30 designer gone missing

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    I have been offered an ILC 30 round the cans racer but have been unable to locate any information about the boat and the designer (Cantiere Dalfer). I have tried looking up the designer on the net and it doesn't seem to exist. The boat was built in 1995. I need to get hold of the designer to find out what the stability index for the boat is and also I need the papers for the IMS rating certificate. Can anybody help me ?
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    I don't know anything about Dalfer, but I think the lines definition taken by the IMS measurer can be used to generate a stability index. Dave Pedrick of Newport, RI is Chairman of the International Technical Commitee (ITC), Jim Taylor of Marblehead is a member of same, Jim Teeters of Langan Design, also in Newport, is an author of the IMS VPP, Glenn Henderson of St. Petersberg, FL is a former measurer, and people at the top IMS design offices - Farr, Nelson/Marek, etc. - any of these people could probably assist.
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