Idea for new type of semi-custom Boat Builder company.

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Squidly-Diddly, Feb 8, 2020.

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    Form a company that contracts with various (mostly East Asian) boat builders and small factories to build (and actually complete) boats from various "home build boat design" catalogs, from tested or otherwise at least semi-professional designs.

    Basically, you act as middleman between people that want a new semi-custom boat, but are realistic enough to know the odds of them completing it in their spare time are not good, and realistic enough to know they personally aren't up to task of contracting with some unknown foreign boat yard to get it done at reasonable price.

    On the builder's end, they would be getting certain semi-reliable stream of orders for whatever type of boat they specialize it.

    The Value Added would be mostly quality control, import/export and meeting regs of costumer's home without any nasty surprises. I guess part of it might be some sort of 'escrow'. You don't want to give a boat yard a heap of cash in a foreign nation were lawsuits don't work, likewise they aren't going to float materials/labor in the hope that some crazy foreigner gets insanely nit-picky as excuse not to pay, or just loses interest. Another big thing would be writing a good contract that specs the level of quality on different aspects so both buyer and builder stay happy.

    I think there could be a sweet spot because even skilled and energetic home builders have a hard time completing boats. They just don't have the specialized gear and every little thing is a "learning curve". I'd go crazy worry-worting myself 1/2 to death that I was making some silly no-brainer mistake, every step of the way.
    On the other end, low-labor-cost builders might not be qualified to design/build latest high-end super-boats, but any plans meant for home builders should be well within their skill level to do better than even good first time home builder, just from practice.

    Anyone currently doing this for customers in USA, UK or EU? Suppose I picked out plans from something like this. How could I get it built for reasonable price/quality? Yachts 24' to 35'
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    No decent shipyard in Asia will be interested to build custom 30' , from home built catalog. Profit margin is evidently too low and everyone looking for proper size of project and funding to work with.
    Maybe some junk yards will take it, but what will be the result?? And Asia is not cheap anymore, if we talk about builder of proper certified boats.
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