Ian Farrier to end plan sales to homebuilders

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Corley, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Maybe he'll charge less if you promise not to call him?
  2. guzzis3
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    Quite right. That comment wasn't really aimed at you. I think there are better options but as you say it's his business.

    I've asked multihulls direct for a price on an F32 hulls kit. I had thought that the F82 was ideal but I'd starting to think it may be a worst of all worlds compromise rather than a perfect balance thing. The 32 is big enough for extended and fairly comfortable cruising, so launch near home and sail to destination. Conversely the F22, if one accepts what is being said about it all over the place, seems to really be the giant leap forward Mr Farrier has been suggesting for some time. It may be a better proposition for tactical sailing (tow to destination).

    Then again the weight, cost, quick launch and suitable if not cavernous accomodations of a mini bridgedeck are still awfully appealing.

    Anyway I've had other priorities lately than my next boat.
  3. Corley
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    Corley epoxy coated

    The appeal of the F22 lies in the easy trailerability by a modest vehicle and quick setup and breakdown time matched with adequate performance for club racing and basic cruising ability. It's a good allrounder but not truly outstanding in any area. Maybe that is the key to a good small production trimaran, ticking enough boxes with an above average score.

    In the end It all comes down to where you want to make your compromises. Fans of the Fboats and the particular compromises that Ian Farrier has chosen to make will say their perfect others like you and I might find they dont meet our needs in the right areas to be "our" choice. It's not a matter of right or wrong.
  4. leroadrunner
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    Incidentally if anyone wants a set of plan for a F9A/AX, make an offer.

  5. guzzis3
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    There seems to be more to it than that. As I said there have been a number of comments on the yahoo group to the effect that the F22 will outsail an f27. IF has tweaked the interior so it's almost as spacious as an F82 and demonstrably roomier than an F24.

    IF has been redesigning basically the same boat for 30+ years now. They have reached a very high state of refinement with attention paid to everything from rudder balance to assembly and launch. This was well known and acknowledged before the F22, but the reviews of people who have sailed on the f22As already out there, people well familiar with other F boats, seem to indicate that this really is a generational change.

    IF has copped a lot of criticism for taking so long, but it's looking like the wait has been worth it. If he truely has crammed nearly the space and sailing performance of a 27' boat into a 23' boat (22 is the waterline length), while evolving all the other things some don't think about and some designers don't like to talk about then that is really worth a good hard look.

    I haven't seen one in the flesh. I obviously haven't sailed one and I've not put a deposit down. I discount rave reviews from interested parties. When that sort of praise comes from people I know, who have no vested interest, and who I know know their stuff I listen.

    F9 plans are $2400 new so I'd expect you'd get $1200ish for a used set. Pop them on ebay ?

    I got an offer on my F82 plans the other day (they are not for sale) so there are buyers out there.
  6. Corley
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    Corley epoxy coated

    A generational change hmmm more like evolution I've seen and been onboard the F22's in the club (there are three of them) they are certainly nicer than an F24 or F25 but with all those refinements over the years you would expect them to be.
  7. Wavewacker
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    Regardless of why he is getting out, why don't one of you boat guys buy the rights to them and you sell the plans? Maybe a few of you together?
  8. guzzis3
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    He's already said won't do that.

    OT: Does the maritime legislation passed today (in Australia) affect us ? I don't suppose after all these years of madness that we can finally register our boats nationally and not ahve to duplicate it at state level ?
  9. warwick
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    For the Ian Farrier not wanting to sell his rights to his plans, could it be to do with what he saw happen with the corsair range of trimarans.
  10. Michelle
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    It`s a bad news for amateur builders, I think. Farrier plans are the most sophisticated I have ever seen. (I have seen many plans ;) If you wanted to build from a scratch, there was no better choice.
    But some design elements are little bit "oldschool ".

    We were building several F-82 and F-22.
    When we learned that Farrier ends with the selling plans we considered to buy a few of them for new customers.

    But currently, we are finishing our own trimaran design which is highly suitable for amateur building - Michelle 9.2. So we decided to focus on our own product.
    She has demountable amas, which makes construction much more easy - for example.

    We are not sure to offer plans for amateur builders. We spent hundreds of hours on the PC and we spent thousands of dollars by developing the technology.
    It`s a big risk to offer good plans for a few thousands of dolars and then risk copying of the boat.
    All boats are inspirated by the other. Our is not a exception. But if you give detailed plans you give almost everything...
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  11. Viktor from Cze
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    Viktor from Cze Junior Member

    I was looking for some alternative concept of farrier design.
    Multihulls.cz has alike design phylosophy as F-boat but they are looking for similar solution for homemade building.
    I like this design, because it looks simpler for me to build at home :)

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  12. ThomD
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    It is interesting development.

    1) He already discontinued plans or did a strip tease were you could buy them, but now you can't, but now you can.

    2) I have seen plans in electronic form. As fun as it is to get everything for free, we are killing off the plans business. Kendrick's response is another one.

    3) He likes to keep his designs up to date. Even though there is demand for some of the old designs (not saying it is commercial demand) he won't sell them. So if you are going to do that quality of job and constantly innovate, you need to not merely sell plans, but keep developing them.

    4) Same thing with Rutan. Some of the best light plane designs ever. Just stopped offering them, and next thing you know he is building spacecraft for Virgin, and not to mentions every other darn thing. So there is life after death for brilliant designers.
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