I witnessed one of the closing acts of the David Taylor research center this week.

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    I attended a machinery auction at the Annapolis site for naval research this week and got to see some of the last parts of the installations equipment go on the auction block.
    Sad to see as I appreciate the hard work and dedication of those who worked there over the years.

    Some big bad gear was on site & I feared that the scrappers would be the ultimate end for some fine machinery. As it turns out the strongest buyers were equipment dealers from around the county who purchased the gear on spec to resell against what they see (and apparently know given the large sums offered) in growing manufacturing activity in the country.

    I passed on a fine old Hardinge HVL lathe in need of repair and passed on a perfect small Hardinge mill which I probably should have picked up...
    Alas- I did walk away with some hard to find font and accessories for my Gorton engraver.

    I see from a quick look that the closure was part of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) legislation in 1995 & I wonder where the research needs are now taking place.

    So salute and regards to those who worked there in the long history of the installation.

    A couple of photos from the site:

    The last bit of master font set up on a nice old Gorton:
    thr 070.jpg

    The engraver which sold for pennies:
    thr 07123.jpg

    And a font fixture I purchased set up on my engraver back at the shop:
    thr 098.jpg
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