I removed the wooden plateau and replaced it with a fabric trampoline - stability??

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Gregor_L, Apr 10, 2005.

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    I have one question that keeps in my head for weeks.

    I have bought a 16 feet cat that had a wooden plateau. It was damaged and I decided to remove it and have a fabric trampline made.

    The plateau weighed at least 90 pounds or more (it was very heavy).
    The new fabric trampoline weighs about 6 pounds.

    Will this reduction in weight affect the cat's stability?
    Is the possiblity the cat capsizes - flips forward - now greater?

    On the pic there can be seen where I'll put my new trampoline and the old wooden plateau can be seen in the back.


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    If anything that would most likely lower the boats CG making it more stable... The only way that it would reduce stability was if the VCG was above the trampoline (or hard deck) which is very unlikely... Most have trampolines... I can't think of any off hand that have hard decks and would be suspicious that the one you own was designed with a trampoline rather than a hard deck...


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    I LIKE THE IDEA OF REPLACEMENT. Lower weight, better performance to a degree plus more comfort.
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