I need to find a Center Console for my boat.

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Edgardor, Dec 1, 2001.

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    Urgent :

    I need to buy a center console (with front seat) for my boat.

    I have a 17 ft. power boat ..

    Somebody help me !


    Edgardo García

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    What does the boat have now for a helm?

    The actual center console would be a great first project to build yourself out of plywood and a layer of fiberglass and expoxy for protection if you were so inclined - you could then buy the windscreen and a leaning post or a couple seats and a front cushion or cushions for the front seat to complete the project.... and then there's the process of moving the controls and instruments from their current location but as long as everything is in good order and properly color coded or if not, well labeled before you start, that shouldn't be too bad.
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