I need some offsets for a catamaran hull 65' x 8' tall

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jon haig, Jul 2, 2019.

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    i would like to study 20 station offsets for a hull, axe type of front , and 3' wide at a height of 24" above bottom and 7' wide at the 8' height.transom width 4' at 24'' above bottom.5' wide at the 8' above bottom.anybody dabbling with hull design programs can do it in 5 min. any help will be apprecoated.??you know the basics of design of a cat hull. let me see what you come up with along something like this. narrow below water then wider .

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    Dear Jon,
    I revised a bit Gene-Hull Catamaran to output the 20 station offsets >> Version 2,42 here attached (with a 65' hull in the input data), where the offsets data are in lines 270 to 288. And from your spec., I generated a (very) preliminary hull that you can modified at your convenience (I am not sure to understand what you want for the transom) , also attached in pdf version with the 2D views and the offsets. By hoping this can be helpful.
  4. jon haig
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    thanks, problem resolved. plan found.
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    If Mr. Haig thinks that is all he needs, he is just at the beginning of many, many woes.
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    A drawing and a design are two very different things. The drawing is the representation of the design, which is the result of calculations, constrains, compromises, experience, comparison to successful designs, etc.

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    That is a fallacy. You cannot compare the whole with the parts.
    It would be very difficult to describe an entire project with a drawing, so this statement may be meaningless.
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