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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by haroldaguirre, May 16, 2016.

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    Hello. I'm new in the forum and need some help. I'm designing a boat for a river and it will be pedal powered, since this is for academic purposes i need some support or reference like books, articles or formulas for the dimensions of the boat. I determinate a LOA of 2 meters (6,56 ft) but i will like to know how to determinate or calcule the LWL the beam and all the lengths with references. Thanks for your time.
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    Harold, you probably need a lot more help than you realize. Designing a boat is not rocket science but there are some important details that need to be understood.

    Let's start with the proposed length. Two meters is much too short for a boat to function with any thing resembling efficiency. Twice that long, 4 meters, would be far better in every respect. Four times that length would be even better in terms of the effort required to propel the pedal boat.

    Some of the forum members will glad to help you but first you must tell us more about the general purpose of the boat, how and where it will be used, anticipated weight of the boat and the occupants, and a lot more descriptive information. All those things matter and must be addressed if the boat is to be useful and practical.
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    At that sort of length I suspect a 'Pedalo' would be the end result. Try researching those, good luck.
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    1st read nature of boats by gerr.
    Its an easy to read good first exposure to boat design. It will not tell you how to end up with exact measurements for a pedal boat but it will give you a better general understanding.
    Principles of yacht design or skene's book (can't remember now) might be better technical references but even they deal with quite different type of dilemmas.

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