I need some help - repowering a 1974 24' Stamas

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by cchevy, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Ok. I need help. I'm looking at buying a 1974, 24' Stamas boat. It has no engine or out drive, it was a I/O but I don't know the engine size that was in it. I thinking of a few ways to repower it. Option 1. is using a Chevy diesel ( from a truck). Option 2. buy a used marine gas engine. Option 3. glass the hole and get a outboard. The questions I have are. 1. What out drive would be best if I go with the diesel. 2. cost compared to the used gas engine and again what outdrive is best (salt water) 3. advantages of the outboard vs the diesel vs gas. Any help is welcome. By the way the boat will be sued for fishing in the Chesapeake bay and family crusing. Which way would keep the cost down. Again thanks for the insight.
  2. tunnels

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    Diesel is heavy , petrol is a little ligther , outboard is lighter and faster !! take you pick !!:eek:
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    I've been looking at the exact scenario for a couple of months now, and from what I can tell the solution I see used time and time again is to glass up the transom and install an OB. Although I can do the work myself I've set my sights on buying a boat where this mod has already been done. The initial cost even for a DIY is fairly high so I can save a lot of money by buying used. Unless you want a project boat that soaks up all your time and money you might want to consider doing the same.

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    The age of the boat is close to mine and those old metal fuel tanks start leaking and its a major concern if not changed and its a big job I had mine out.I worked with a guy who put a small Perkins diesel in one similar and very cheap on fuel go for a week and no explosive vapors but he said the boat was slow,have no idea what he used for outdrive.Diesel good for cabin heaters etc.

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    Glass it up, hang a decent bracket and put an outboard on it. Those were pretty stout boats. A friend still has a 26'er. I think he ran an evinrude 135 on it most of the time. It's been everywhere from Key West to Canada over the last 50 years. He had the bracket stuck out about three feet, but I didn't see the value in that.

    Um, you shouldn't be buying that boat. They should be paying you to haul it away.
    I have bought boat/motor/trailer in working order for $100. 1974 21' Atlantic. That was a while ago and prices have come way down since then.
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