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    Hello, can member's who have yachts between 31 and 40ft, please take me some measurements of there interior.
    I need mainly:
    • The first 3ft of the fore peak. Length/Breadth/Height
    • The first 6ft from the forepeak.L/B/H
    • Breadth of the yacht along the companionway.B/H
    • Total L/B/H of cabin.

    Measurements are based on the base, stripped out shell structure of a yacht.
    I am designing my interior, but have not chosen a yacht yet, so i appreciate all/any measurements, either of the top of your head or taken for me, give me the dimensions and the yacht, the size of the yacht, any hull/keel types to match would be a bonus as i am sure you very knowledgeable member's now these of the top of there heads:D
    Any class and size from 31/40ft, (more the merrier) when i get enough information i can choose the right yacht to buy.
    thanx for your help all
    P.S love this forum, thanx guys
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